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Accessibility Statement

Accessibility Statement 2008

Naturally, we hope that you will want to come to stay at our Park and enjoy the facilities and surroundings within the Park. We would like to help you in anyway that we can and if you require assistance whilst planning your visit or during your stay we will be delighted to assist.

You can download our Access Statement using the links below.

Dibles Park Access Statement 2011  - Dibles Park Access Statement (Large Font) 2011

Our brochure and this access statement are available in large print on request and we can post a copy if required.

Web Site Magnifer

Windows XP and Windows Vista have a Magnifier which is a display utility that makes the computer screen more readable by people who have low vision by creating a separate window that displays a magnified portion of the screen. Magnifier provides a minimum level of functionality for people who have slight visual impairments. This procedure tells you how to turn on and use Magnifier.

On the Start menu: